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(an agency of the Illinois Supreme Court)

I've created this website in order to offer people in Illinois a forum for complaining to their elected representatives about the lack of concern the ARDC has for the public.


The ARDC (like IPRA) is a False Flag entity.  The ARDC represents itself as a government body protecting the interests of the public against incompetent and unethical lawyers.  In reality, the ARDC is operated by lawyers who (almost without exception) are protecting lawyers that members of the public have accused of wrongdoing.


If you have filed a complaint with the ARDC against a lawyer you hired and are unsatisfied with the way the ARDC treated your complaint, you should strongly consider writing a brief letter to your elected representatives. 


Click on my letter which I wrote to my elected representatives following my dealings with the ARDC.


If you don't receive an adequate response from an elected representative, consider voting that person out of office and urge others to do the same and tell your friends how your elected officials treated you.

The ARDC indicates on its website which attorneys have been sanctioned but since only about 2 percent of the almost 7,000 complaints filed each year are sustained, many deceitful and incompetent lawyers are never indicated on the ARDC website.  The short-term solution, until an independent agency replaces the ARDC, is to file an FOIA with the ARDC in order to see the complaints filed against the lawyer you are thinking of hiring.

Also, please share you experiences with the ARDC with the news media and others.   You can find email addresses of reporters on your local TV stations' websites.  Newspaper reporters have their email addressses at the end of the articles they write.  If you have had a bad experience with the ARDC, file a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General's office.  You can do that by visiting the IG website and submit your complaint by email.  Thanks.


The only way people in Illinois can get rid of the ARDC's disciplinary role and replace it with an honest, independent agency is for people to complain to their elected representatives and the news media.


Please forward this website to as many people as you know and ask them to do the same.  We need to keep the pressure on our elected representatives if we are going to see true change in Illinois.  Thanks.



Click here to find your State Senator and Representative.


Click here to find your representative in the U.S. House.












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